Friday, January 8, 2010

Over Stock Sale!

FINALLY! We are all caught up after spending much of the holiday season setting up things for our big 2010 push. This meant changing fulfillment, organizing new products, and making sure we are setting up our new systems just right. I am sure some of you went through similar things.

For those of you that have, you know you always find the unexpected, sorta like spring cleaning. Well, we found something pretty surprising. Some boxes that were thrown to the side of the warehouse and threw off our inventory completely!!

Well, that messes up a lot so we want to move some of our overstocked items. What are those? We found a good amount of our Advanced Black and Camouflage sandbags as well as our Power Pinks and 35 pound white liners!

So, we wanted to do something special to help us and YOU! For a limited time we wanted to give our loyal newsletter list a special. If you order either one of these products and use COUPON CODE 1976 you will save 25% on any of these four items.

Save 25%:

Large Black Shell: Click Here

Advanced Black Package: Click Here

Large Camouflage Shell: Click Here

Advanced Camouflage Package: Click Here

Pink Power Package: Click Here

Pink Shell: Click Here

35 pound White Liners: Click Here

I know, it is crazy but it is one of those things of running your own businesses. Mistakes happen, but take this opportunity to save big on great products and help us! This will be only for a week as we expect to be caught up fast!!! Don't miss out.

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