Thursday, January 14, 2010

Don't Miss This

Monday! That is the day our new websites go up and things will change forever! I am so excited about the growth of our program and we are changing things, BIG TIME!! People from all over the world are getting involved and it will be very exciting to show all of your how we are changing for the better. I have to hold myself back from showing you all the great new programs we have coming.

We are also so close to being caught up for 2010 in other ways. You have all been very helpful in assisting us with our Over Stock Sale! That is why we are going to continue it just for a few more days. Monday, this sale will be no more.

Just use coupon code 1976 and save 25% on these products that means $50 on our Advanced Ultimate Sandbag Package!!!!

Advanced Package Black: Buy Now : $149.99

Advanced Package Camouflage: Buy Now : $157.99

Advanced Black Shell: Buy Now : $67.99

Advanced Camouflage Shell: Buy Now : $74.99

Pink Power Package: Buy Now : $82.99

Pink Shell: Buy Now : $41.99

35 pound filler white liners: Buy Now : $18.99

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