Sunday, November 25, 2007

Now THIS is Innovation

I have to say this is one of the best clips I have seen on sandbag training. Very purposeful and creative at the same time. I will even say they know what they are doing because they are giving care to the bag (yes, sandbags need care too!) by having the mats set up. These guys don't know it yet, but they are going to receive a free gift from me!

Complexes for Fat Loss and New Strength!

A good friend and colleague, Geoff Neupert, constantly chuckle over the fascination people have with complexes. Really they are nothing new, Olympic weightlifters have used them forever to develop a base of fitness and also to groove technique. Many athletes have used them to develop strength-endurance, dynamic flexibility, and what the Eastern Europeans would call "suppleness". In fact, Istvan Javorek, was one of the first Eastern European coaches to make complexes popular here in the states. Coach Javorek published a series of programs based off of dumbbell complexes for his various athletes.

In retrospect, not much is new. Sometimes we all forget about a method or technique because there are so many good ones. That is why I revisited complexes in "Knockout!", you don't have to be a combative athlete to gain benefits from sandbag training. Check out this wonderful complex from North Point Personal Training in Georgia. You will see our bags in action!

Sandbag Training for Combative Athletes

When I decided to write "Knockout!" I thought, this is a no brainer!! Combative athletes have long used sandbags and sandbag type implements for their training. It may be one of the few training tools that is truly sport specific for combative athletes. Their "noncooperative" nature makes them most closely resemble the challenges of working with a live opponent. In addition, they work as great strength and conditioning tools. The ability of sandbag training techniques to be picked up quickly makes them highly desirable for any coach.

I am always so excited to see what other great coaches have come up with for the implementation of our sandbags. One of my favorite is the innovations of combative expert coach, Mike Fry ( Recently I caught one of his videos and wanted to share with all of you the possibilities of implementing sandbags into your routines.