Monday, September 29, 2008

Mr. Low Bodyfat Interview

Recently I had the great opportunity to be interviewed by Muata Kamdibe asked to interview for his website. For may of you, you may remember speaking of Muata and his amazing 130 pound fat loss! What made it even better to me is he didn't accomplish this goal by performing a cheesy training program or "mystery" supplements. No! Muata worked with bodyweight exercises, kettlebells, and sandbags to make such an awesome change! He was strict about his eating habits and it all paid off!!

It was my pleasure to share some of my thoughts how sandbag training related to the great success Muata experienced. Click on the link below to read the entire interview.

Josh Henkin Interview on Mr. Low Body Fat

Friday, September 19, 2008

"Your The Sandbag Guy!"

"Sometimes Simple is Best"

The past few days I have spent far away from my studio in Arizona. I've been up in Connecticut at the Ryan Lee Bootcamp. A little more than three years ago is the time I really got the opportunity to introduce my Sandbag Fitness Systems to a large group. Ryan asked me to give a small presentation on the idea of sandbag training and implementation. Since then, things have exploded!

Fortunately and unfortunately people recognize me as "the sandbag guy". It is something that I love and hate to hear, ok, mostly love. In fact, I met a strength coach here that didn't even know that I owned my own training center. That is good in the way people have really taken to the idea of sandbag training, however, what I am promoting isn't sandbag training.

No, in fact, I am simply using sandbags as a vehicle to teach people that strength and athleticism are vital to the quality of life. One of my biggest inspirations and motivations for the sandbag training was what I witnessed daily working in gyms. PEOPLE ARE WEAK!!!! Yes, even many trainers and coaches are pathetically weak. I have met "world renown" coaches that can't even train themselves because of all their ailments and "issues".

Listen, strength does matter, it isn't to say that one must lift 800 pounds, but you must be strong. Strength does solve a lot of problems, health and performance related. I see so many injuries with people because they lack strength to perform the daily activities that they require or want to be able to perform. Sandbags are the tool to help change all of that. They often bring out the primal side of people, the side that is tired of trying to train in the commercial gyms. Sandbags appeal to people that want to get down to the meat and potatoes of what works.

At the same time sandbags offer so much fun in their variety of drills as well as their ability to be taken outdoors. However, I probably don't have to convince you of this. I know sandbags to be soo effective because of the emails I receive from YOU all the time. People writing telling me how sandbags have completely changed how they feel physically and how they feel about themselves. How people feel that they can do anything because they have taken on the challenges that sandbags presents. Really sandbags are my way of helping people change their lives by making them strong and athletic, pure and simple.

Yet, people are still confused about where to start, how to begin. I am in the works of updating a lot of my material as so much has changed, however, a lot has stayed the same. Over three years ago I wrote my first manual Sandbag FUNdamentals and it still is one of the most helpful resources for people. It is simple, just like sandbags, it is teaching the important exercises and giving you routines to start benefiting from sandbags tomorrow. One of the most inexpensive resources available it truly is the blueprint to start your sandbag training.
I am also happy to announce that very shortly I will be releasing a new DVD updating our highly popular High Octane DVD. The difference? Well, I didn't have our Ultimate Sandbag in the original, this tells you how much I never really planned to be "the sandbag guy", but more importantly there are THREE follow along workouts that are combined with a resource of over 60 of the best sandbag drills. That is what I want to be about, giving those that give me their trust the best training information possible.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Jon Hind's Secrets to Success!

I was so happy when this past Monday I was able to get strength coach Jon Hinds for an hour interview on his training. You see, Jon has been doing the type of training that has recently become popular for over 25 years! His experience working with elite athletes is extensive, however, what may be the best story is how he got his 78 year old grandmother to do her first chin-up!!!

For those that are unfamiliar, Jon Hinds is the creator of successful exercise pieces such as the power push-up, power wheel, jungle gym, and many more of the best training tools available!

Now you can listen to my interview with Jon for free just by clicking on the link below...

Jon Hinds Interview Click Here

Make sure to visit Jon's excellent website below!

The Monkey Bar Gym

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

More Sandbags, Less Injuries?

Most people throw sandbags into the category of being "hardcore", such a term truly diminishes the value of such training tools. While sandbags can be one of the toughest and most challenging training tools, they are also incredibly helpful for injury prevention as well.

I have written extensively on their use for injury prevention and sporting performance (check out the articles section) so this is nothing new. However, an aspect that commonly gets overlooked is their ability to develop better movement skills in people.

Some time ago I posted a very innovative video of Scott Sonnon ( using our small sandbag for loaded mobility work (check out the video below). Coach Sonnon's use of the bag is a perfect example of how we can prevent injuries by getting better movement and neuromuscular control in some of the bodies toughest areas.

What I would like to introduce in the video below are some standard drills that hit those areas, the shoulders, thoracic spine, hips, and low back. Purely stretching does not do the job as these are complex joints that need to move, be reeducated, and get stronger. So, check out the first installment of my Enhanced Movement with Sandbags Series.

Scott Sonnon's Video (