Sunday, May 31, 2009

This is like NOTHING else!

I joking call this year my "2009 World Tour", but to be more accurate it is more like "2009 US Tour"! That's right in 12 weeks I am going to have been in 7 different states doing workshops and conferences. It is very exciting even though it is also completely exhausting. Especially because it most cases when Monday hits I am right back in the gym!

I am not one to complain, ok, not TOO much! Mostly because it has been so cool to see the responses people have had to the Sandbag Fitness Systems program. It is great to see people's eyes light up when they see the program in action. This is probably because it is so drastically different than what everyone is doing! I can say that confidently because I have been a witness to what some of the biggest names and programs in the industry are doing, and guess what? These are the same people that are most excited when they see the Sandbag Fitness Program (SFS).

I know, what are you missing out on? I will give you some of the secrets.

One of the biggest benefits is that I am able to show people what true functional training is really all about. The cool thing about the SFS program is that it can accomplish fitness and performance goals. Heck, it can do it by itself if you really wanted. In many situations coaches have to switch apparatuses depending if they are doing strength, speed, power, core, or movement training. It is amazing that you can simply change the weight or size of bag and accomplish everything with this program. Yes, you can train to be stronger, faster, more agile, greater endurance, and be more flexible!

I know Josh, that sounds like more senseless and silly internet marketing! I couldn't agree more, however, don't take my word for it, check out what the Indiana Football State Champs have to say!

"I recently purchased two Ultimate Sandbags for our high school football team's off-season training. The players are use to using free weights and a few specialty machines, a power runner and a power thruster. When I first introduced the sandbags to supplement the work they were accustom to doing with free weights, they thought it was going to be a piece of cake. After all the bags only weight 50 and 70 pounds each. These guys are use to moving 200 to 300 pounds regularly. They were quite surprised at how challenging a sandbag can be. After a few sets there was a lot of huffing and puffing.

Cardinal Ritter High School of Indianapolis is a small private school without a lot of money to spend on equipment. The couple of hundred dollars I spent on the Ultimate Sandbags will pay bigger dividends than machines costing thousands of dollars and when the weather is nice enough for us to move outside the bags will come with us while the machines stay inside.

Thanks for all the ideas and information that you continually share with your customers. It has been a big help for me and the team.

By the way, Cardinal Ritter is the 2008 Indiana State Champs and we do not intent to rest on our laurels."
Larry Timko

Not all movements are equal, if they were it would be great to spend all day doing biceps curls. However, we know that big movements stimulate more muscles and more anabolic hormones (ok, you get more buff when you do them!). When people see that you can do snatches and cleans with the sandbags they get pscyhed! After all, they are far more difficult with a sandbag than any other piece of equipment. Yet, the biggest surprise comes when people see shouldering, half moon snatches, split cleans/snatches, overhead chops, and the far great movements that create a more athletic, incorporate more muscles, and just yield better results.

Results however, can come in many forms. One can be just getting people out of pain!! Pain is often the biggest demotivator and when people get introduced to our pre and post-rehab programs they can't wait to start using these techniques. Yes, sandbags are not neccessarily just for intense strength training, but creating better movement and rehabbing injuries. Backs are especially amazing to heal with the SFS program.

Listen to what personal trainer Tony Tomich noticed implemented SFS program...

"I'm a Personal trainer, I use your Ultimate Sandbag System with all level clients male and female, athletes and stay at home moms, and all levels in between. All quickly realize the difficulty and benefits of incorporating sandbag training into their regular workouts. Its like nothing else ! After just a few workouts back problems are going away, improvement in all other areas of fitness are evident. Your sandbags have a permanent place at Real Life Personal Training. Rock On !"

How can you learn these techniques? Hey, the over 100 FREE videos online are a great place to start (, but we are at more and more events. I hope you will check out the SFS program and see us at some of our events.

Oh, and don't miss out on seeing our first upcoming certifications coming in September!!!

Now that I am coming home expect more videos, cool new bags and so much more!!!

I am psyched about helping people improve their lives and I hope you will help me achieve this goal!

In Strength,
Josh Henkin, CSCS

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What your training is lacking

It is hard, it is hard to find time to squeeze everything into a training program that we all should. However, that is the difference between a well laid training program and taking a shotgun approach to fitness. Making time for the "little things" ends up making the "big things" actually work.

I often laugh to myself when people say they didn't get anything out of a particular exercise or program. The truth is that one has to ask, "did you follow the program exactly outlined or did you make your own modifications?", or "did you do the exercise right?"

Recently I got to interview a coach who really has put it together and realizes how everything impacts performance, yes EVERYTHING does! I remember years ago reading an online magazine called Dolfzine. It seemed so cool as it had great minds like Krista Scott Dixon, Dr. Mel Siff, and many more top coaches and scientists writing for it. Little did I know how heavily involved that Vince McConnell was in creating such a great project.

Not only has Vince worked with and studied great coaches, but he has 25 years of coaching a vast array of clients himself. Not too many coaches have been great athletes themselves and coached every sport from football to tennis and helped young kids and elderly adults. That definitely demonstrates some unique insights into fitness and performance. Vince was kind enough to talk about his experiences and thoughts on training. Oh, and his favorite new tool, "The Ultimate Sandbag".

Listen to Vince McConnell's interview here!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Should YOU Train Like a Fighter?

Recently I was interviewed for a MMA website. I always love to talk training because I think there is so much more you can say than is possible to write, plus I can be long winded in a good way:)

I think talking MMA is great because it is both popular and relatively new. There are so many aspects of MMA training that is makes it one of the more challenging sports to train for. However, let's face it, most of us are never going to get into the Octagon and fight. Yet, I think even every day people can benefit a lot from implementing concepts from MMA.

MMA brings together many aspects of fitness; strength, endurance, flexibility, and skill. However, one could argue that most sports bring these qualities, but MMA is unique in the fact that there needs to be flexibility in some pretty extreme positions. Strength has to be possessed in all ranges of motion for the whole body. Endurance has to be a good mixture of not only anaerobic training, but dynamic and isometric as well.

This may be why MMA athletes generally have physiques many would be very happy to possess. In my KNOCKOUT! e-book I cover how one can use sandbags and other implements to achieve these impressive physiques, however, the good thing about MMA is that is traditionally has been a minimalist approach.

Before "functional fitness" was fashoinable, MMA athletes borrow so much from different arts that allows them to move so efficiently and have strength that is hard to match by many athletes. What lessons could we learn from the training of MMA athletes to use for our own fitness?

1. Train in many ranges of motion: Just thinking of the lunge exercise with a sandbag I can come up with 50 variations that will challenge the body in unique ways to improve both performance and strength.

2. Training isometric and dynamic strength: There is only so much energy and time to train it is hard to think of adding even more can be overwhelming. So, here are some quick ideas of how to add some isometric training....

a. Add pauses to various positions when you perform lifts, great examples are pull-ups, squats, and push-ups.

b. Use variations of bear hug and zercher training to build both trunk and upper body isometric strength.

3. Mix up your anaerobic training: Typically people think interval or circuit training is very hard to vary. Nothing could be further from the truth!

a. Mix up the work to rest ratios: If you are use to training for 30 seconds and resting for 60 seconds, simply add ten seconds to your work or reduce your rest by ten seconds.

b. Change the loading position, instead of doing bear hug squats, simply change to shoulder squats and the exercise becomes new!

c. Keep track of the number of repetitions performed during an interval and try to not let it drop 10% during the whole workout.

d. Perform static positions for the duration of the work interval.

4. Do an exercise you have been putting off: I can say get-ups aren't my favorite, but I probably need to implement them more. Usually we stick with what we are good and familiar with. Try to select at least one exercise in your routine that you have been avoiding.

You see, there are a lot of important lessons to be learned from MMA. Yet, there are easily a lot of mistakes these athletes make. To learn more tips and avoid the mistakes check out my e-book KNOCKOUT! or my recent interview.

Click Here to Listen to Interview

Click Here to Check out KNOCKOUT!

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Misuse of Strongman Training Part II

Wow! Did I get some emails about my last post! It seems as though I really struck a nerve with a lot of people that have strong feelings about the pros and cons of Strongman training. First, we have to clearly define Strongman training, I am speaking specifically of the events in Strongman Contests. This would include:

Log/Axle clean and jerk
Farmer's Walks
Yoke Walks
Tire Flips
Stone Lifting
Car Pulling

Sure, I am missing a few, but these are the most common ones. Strongman training is not sledgehammers, bent pressing, kettlebells, get-ups, etc. This falls into general training as this is not training used in competitive strongman events.

So, what is my problem? It isn't with any of the events or lifts, it is purely with how they are employed and who they are used with. It has become commonplace to quote some of the greats of old time strength training; Saxon, Hackenschmidt, Jowett, and many others. These men were immensely strong and athletic, but there is many things that are often not mentioned about their training.

1. Most of the old time lifters came from a background of manual labor, often farming or other industrial jobs. This meant years of intense physical training building their fitness and supporting system of ligaments and tendons.

2. The old time lifters were often very proficient and even competitive in wrestling and gymnastics. This gave them strength in a wide array of body positions and angles. It provided them proper conditioning to handle high intensity loads, and possessed amazing dynamic flexibility.

3. All these men would discuss the important role of spending time performing general exercises for an extensive period of time before pursuing more intense training.

4. This was a time before highly processed foods that often impedes and impacts recovery.

All things considered, these men did not really perform the strongman lifts of today and to make comparisons is highly inaccurate.

We only hear the benefits of doing Strongman training, so what are some of the drawbacks?

1. Heavy walking exercises can often place a great deal of compressive forces on the spine and/or hips. Because it is very hard to stabilize the pelvis under these conditions one's hip girdle gets negatively impacted. Don't believe me? Test your hamstring and hip flexor strength and flexibility after doing heavy farmer's walks and/yokes! Impeding hamstrings and hip flexors is devastating to an athlete and can destroy performance. For general population it can cause back pain and discomfort in the long run.

2. Farmer's walks especially torch the upper traps. For many people, they possess an unusually high level of activity and stress in the upper traps. When they perform these lifts they can develop severe neck restrictions and pains. This is a place for referral pains as well and can cause shoulder and upper arm type of pain symptoms.

3. Stones and tire flipping place the body in an imperfect lifting posture. Again, if the lifter is not proficient at bracing and understanding how to stabilize their pelvis the back can potentially get injured. A great deal of time needs to be spent teaching pelvic stabilization and core strength in many positions including extended.

4. Thick bar work and heavy duty gripping can cause some major problems in the elbows. Because these muscles can get easily overworked, tennis elbow type of symptoms.

Many people tend to forget that Strongman training is training for a sport in of itself. As with many sports, there are aspects that are not healthy, but necessary for performance. Especially at the higher levels of sport one increases their risk of compounding the negative aspects. That isn't to say that you couldn't use these lifts, in Part III I will discuss how to wisely implement such exercises.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Misuse of Strongman Training Part I

A few years ago I was presenting at the Sport Specific conference with a host of coaches that was quite impressive. People such as Alwyn Cosgrove, Mike Boyle, Lee Taft, Dave Schmitz, Brian Grasso, and many more were all in the mix. I remember this being my first time in speaking in front of several hundred fitness professionals. I wasn't too nervous, I knew my presentation and felt confident it what I was going to speak about. However, when Ryan Lee told me that I was moved to present after Mike Boyle, I was a little more intimidated.

I had seen Mike Boyle present before and he does a great job of captivating his audience. I knew following him would be a great challenge as many people would still be digesting all that Mike had to say. So, I knew I had to bring my A game and standing outside rehearsing and preparing, I did feel a little nervous.

However, everything became so much more complicated as Alwyn Cosgrove and Ryan Lee hunted me down with a very concerned look on their faces. I thought, "great I've been bumped from the conference!" When in fact, they both tried to console me as though something very bad had happened. They kept saying to me, "you know he isn't talking about you." I had no idea what they were talking about, but I found out quickly Mike Boyle was saying how strongman training was just stupid.

I have to admit, my first reaction was to get very upset, ok, I was pissed!! I couldn't understand why a great coach would talk so badly about a method of training that was exploding because of it functional carryover. It wouldn't be for a few more years till I would understand what he was actually talking about.

At the time I was too deaf to listen to Mike's objection because I was immersed in training for a strongman competition. I was not only training for a competition, but had credited much of the training to healing my back. As I look back though, many people would assume that strongman training was ALL I did for my back. This is far from the truth. The extent to my low back rehab goes far beyond just using Strongman training (I will talk about this later).

Yet, the focus continued to be on strongman training and what I didn't realize at the time was how people were going to apply this type of training to various programs. When I trained for Strongman, the goal was to lift as heavy as possible, as fast as possible. I recall my first few times lifting stones my biceps throbbed for about two weeks!!!! I remember as the training for a competition got closer and closer, it was more about just managing my pain rather than increasing performance. Then I realized something really important!!!

I began to notice that many of the guys I trained with and myself moved horribly!! Yea, we looked like we could lift a lot of weight, but our arms didn't move when we walked, it felt like as though a steel rod was in my back and moving quickly or athletically was going to take some serious warming-up!!

Of course, if your only goal is to be a competitive strongman, then yes, this is part of the business. However, I know many coaches that are now implementing strongman based training for athletes and fitness individuals alike!

In regards to athletic training, the question has to be asked, "what is the cost of this training versus the benefit?" After being involved in strongman training for a few years now I think I can speak intelligently on the impact of certain types of training on athletic development. The truth of the matter is that there is nothing wrong with any of these movements, the problem comes from our lack of conditioning and strength to deal with them appropriately.

In Part II of this series I will cover how the different strongman events impact performance, good and bad! I will also discuss how to intelligently apply strongman training to any individual.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

"The Ultimate Sandbag" Takes On All

It is a challenge, this sandbag training thing isn't as easy as it sounds. When I was at the University of Florida for their football S & C conference, many people smiled and nodded their heads to me. It was as though they all had some memory of using a sandbag somewhere in their past. However, it still amazed me how many people were simply reluctant to try lifting "The Ultimate Sandbag". A few were interested after one of the speakers gave some examples of sandbag training, but was it really beneficial?

Now I am all for new and innovative ideas. Heck, I love it when people send me videos of themselves doing new things, that is the only way things evolve. However, I do have a problem when people just don't seem to get it.

This is a picture from a company kind enough to support us by distributing our "Ultimate Sandbag", however, to be honest I was disappointed by the image they chose to use. Truthfully, if this was the foundation of sandbag training I really wouldn't see the point. I am not sure if many do, even this coach in Florida was talking about holding a sandbag in the same position and doing step-ups! Why? Wouldn't a bar work much better and you really wouldn't notice the difference with a sandbag other than it being incredibly uncomfortable!

I recently obtained a new copy of the book that really started it all for me, John Jesse's "Encyclopedia of Wrestling Conditioning". Besides being very practical and having many of the old time lifts we have been reintroduced to, John had a very extensive section on sandbag training. It was good to cover the material again and to know that we are carrying on the tradition of such strong athletes like wrestlers.

In the list of many different movements in the book, very few were your typical barbell exercises like squats, or clean and press. Most were very movement oriented and had the sandbag moving in many different planes of movement. It is too bad in 1974 Mr. Jesse didn't have access to "The Ultimate Sandbag" because it is obvious from his writings that hundreds of more exercises could be created.

Most people only focus on basic strength lifts such as shouldering, squatting, and pressing. While these are terrific lifts, they only touch the very edge of sandbag training. Even with the very crude bags that John Jesse used the variation of movement and training was very extensive. However, by using our sandbags you can create even more dynamic training.

Just as training evolves, so does the equipment. "The Ultimate Sandbag" offers such tremendous benefits because it allows old time training to be meshed with modern day innovations. Very few people realize the lengths we have gone to develop something that is completely unique. Sorry, the homemade versions are a dying breed, not because something looks cooler, but because you can't even imagine the possibilities of sandbag training until you try my program. Sounds like boasting, I know. However, take it from someone who really knows the difference, Strength Coach, Nii Wilson....

"As a Sports Performance Coach and US ARMY Veteran I am very particular when I make an investment in my fitness and training equipment. One thing that I can say is first and foremost is that nothing comes close to the Ultimate Sandbag and YES that even means the military issue duffel bags. The stitching on the bags far exceeds military standards and there was a lot of thought and planning in the design, function, and durability of this bag. I ordered the "Advanced Package Sandbag and I am enjoying the quality of instruction of the "High Octane DVD" and the easy to understand format. Within minutes you can take a novice and get them results and have them seeing the benefits of sandbag training. I train mainly women in my "NO BS NYC Boot Camps" and I must say they are very happy and get a strong sense of self confidence when they do the same type of workouts that pro MMA fighters or other athletes are doing. If you didn't get the point of the mini biography I just wrote basically I am saying the Utimate Sandbag and High Octane DVD package are the best resources to have in your fat loss or performance training tool kit. Thanks Josh for putting out a quality product. I will be getting another in a few short weeks. Can you believe my mom wanted the Ultimate Sandbag as a Mother's Day present...crazy huh?"
Nii Wilson

USAW Sports Performance Coach
NYC's Women's Rapid Fat Loss Expert

Here is a circuit that truly captures the essence of sandbag training. Heck, this would make John Jesse proud himself to see that such training is being carried on.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Fitness Secrets from The Field

When giving training advice there seems to be three categories of people...

1. Those that read a lot of training science, but don't really get to train and use the information on anyone.

2. Those that have trained a lot themselves, but have read little on the science of fitness and performance.

3. Those that have read a lot of training texts AND have trained lots of people to see what really works and what doesn't.

That is why I was very interested in interviewing Nate Morrison. For those that don't know, Nate was a top kettlebell instructor for years, but being involved in the military, his duties carried him away for some time. However, now he is back, and both experience of working with top strength coaches and his work in the field with real people makes Nate's information both innovative and very practical. Guess what, he may not even recommend that kettlebells are your best option!! Click on the link below to hear the interview.....

Click Here to Listen to Nate Morrison Interview

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Camouflage Bags Are Here!!

I am so excited! For months we have been working on putting out some very cool new products and the first in this series is our camouflage sandbags! These are very cool and give people the true feeling they are dealing with something that is beyond just a sandbag. These highly durable and versatile sandbags are not only amazingly functional, but look sleek as well. There definitely is a point where you have to look the part of a professional and when working with people you don't want to give them a sloppy and crude sandbag. This isn't "hardcore" this is just cheap! Don't be mistaken, this is no ordinary sandbag and in fact, we are close to changing the name as well as the look to reflect how strongly we feel about these bags.

We have ordered only a very limited amount for our new launch, so this is very much first come, first serve. Our stock is so limited that we won't even sell the original camouflage bags online, nope, you will have to call in your order so that we can keep track of who has jumped on this great deal! We have been so slammed by requests of when these bags are going to be ready, that I expect them to go very fast!!

In fact, I had to set a few aside for myself when I head off to the N.C. State basketball conference this weekend.

This is also going to be one of the few times that we allow people to just buy the sandbag shell in case you have already all the fillers to go with the program. However, if you have been waiting to get your package, this is the perfect time!!!

***These sandbags will not ship till June 10 as we are just getting them in, however, we wanted to offer you an opportunity to jump on getting yours first!

To order please call Michelle at 813-909-9420, sorry emails won't confirm you an order as these will be phone based orders only!!!

Small Shell Only: $74.99
Introductory Package: $99.99

Medium Shell Only: $89.99
Strength Package: $125.99

Large Shell Only: $109.99
Advanced Package: $199.99

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Can You Handle The Bear!

There are so many aspects of sandbag training that get overlooked that it is often hard for me to even know where to begin talking about. Very few people utilize the bear hug sandbag position. Varying holding positions allow for different training effects and variants that are important to fitness and sports programs. The bear hug is one of those positions that people completely ignore.

Why the bear hug? For beginners it is a perfect position to learn sandbags as it is a very stable and balanced position. Holding in this manner allows for greater depth of movements in exercises such as squats, but also greatly challenges the trunk in ways like nothing else. Don't even mention the upper body stimulation one gets through tremendous arm and upper back work.

For more advanced lifters and athletes, the bear hug position is vitally important as many sports require strong isometric holds, yet they never train it. Most spend their time purely on dynamic strength training, so utilizing isometric bear hugs should be a cornerstone to many athletes and strong lifters.

However, you just don't need to squat. There are many variations of the bear hug, even better in a great super complex I call "The Bear". This series trains the body from head to toe and is perfect for strength, endurance, speed, and flexibility. Watch the video and tell me how you do taming "The Bear"!

Monday, May 4, 2009

She Lost over 150 pounds!

After sharing my story on how important functional fitness really is, I asked for stories on how fitness impacts your life and I was so happy to get some tremendous responses. I think this one really got my attention both because of the enthusiasm and results that were achieved. Sheron, thank you so much for sharing this!!!

"Hi Josh, I have been following your post now for a few weeks and I wanted to share with you.........since you ask anyway! In August of 2007 I weighed about 311 (I am 5'4"). Today I weigh-in at about 155 on a good day. To make a long story short I met Dan Sell, a wonderfully motivating personal trainer who gave me "a new lease on life". His knowledge and patience have made me a fitness addict. I do boot camp 3 times a week, never missing! I enjoy weights more than cardio but recently ran my first 3.1 miles and it was so exciting to me...Now, I'm sure you hear these kinds of stories all the time and mine is not unique but let me add that I am a 57 year old female, mother of five and grandmother of five who had not worked out since high school. One of my favorite pieces of equipment is the sandbag and we have done many of the workouts that you do in your videos.I just wanted to say thank you and keep filming. I enjoy them very much."


Very often question if you can really get results from this type of training. Heck, I have heard coaches question whether or not it is safe for people that are just starting fitness programs, I guess the proof is right here from great people like Sheron!

It is funny that just about three years ago a prominent strength coach was calling this training "stupid", "waste of time", and now this type of training is being discovered by so many people that are seeing how it can change their life. I think these stories like Sheron are far more motivational than what trendy athlete is doing in their training. To lose such weight is not only amazing from a physical perspective, but emotionally as well!

Great program, motivation, and fun will make for an outstanding life!

Summer Sale is Here!

Let's see, is there any other way to say it? The economy sucks! While things may be taking a very slow turn for the better, it does seem some time away. Choosing what to spend your money on is even more important than ever. Trust me, things I would have normally purchased, risks I would have taken, or projects I would have launched are on the back burner because of the current economy. Does that mean my life is suffering? Nope, not in relation to many that are struggling to pay for their house, keep their jobs, or have to go back to work because their retirement is all gone.

That is exactly what happened to a close family manner. He was all set to retire in about two years and lost just about everything over the past year. I couldn't imagine saving your whole life only to lose it in one bad year!!!

Fitness is one of the few things that people can still do to make themselves better. Usually during times of stress we turn to bad habits, alcohol, junk food, smoking, not sleeping, yep, been there myself for several of these things. It is very destructive and only creates more problems as you feel more like crap.

That is why I wanted to launch the Summer Sandbag Stimulus Sale, sure it is a play on our current government, but more importantly it is something that allows people to enjoy fitness for a low cost! Some of you may say that our sale looks like our old prices and you are right!

It is vitally important that we keep production of these sandbags here in the US! Having gone overseas I can tell you the quality is higher, the ability to evolve is easier, and it helps keep US workers busy!

Most people don't understand that sandbags are one of the most costly fitness products to create. Why? There are several reasons...

1. You can't shortcut on any material on the sandbag or it will fail you! Sure, some companies try to skimp on the type of thread, canvas, or place less options on the bag so they can sell it for a high cost, but keep their costs low. This makes for an expensive piece of crap! How do I know? Having replaced many people who went for other brands I can tell you that this happens a lot! I recently yelled at my manufacturer when they were about to go with a cheaper thread to save a little extra money. He even said to me that he thought we were going overboard, I said there is no such thing in making a product people spend their hard earned money on.

2. It's all in the stitching! Unlike weights that usually just need a simple mold, sandbags require a great deal of detailed stitching that is very expensive when you do it right! Over the course of time we have increased our costs holding off on the retail price so we could make a superior sandbag.

You see it isn't as simple as just throwing some canvas together. From the double stitching, special canvas on both the shells and fillers, to reinforced handles, we have created something that is going to make you excited about training because it has made ME, one of the biggest skeptics, excited about training.

Don't just listen to me, listen from someone who fitness can save their life:

"I have never been as challenged by a single piece of equipment as I am with your sandbags! The creative design makes all the difference in the world. The placement of the handles, the rugged bag with the indestructible material, as well as the securing system truly makes it a piece of equipment that any serious, or not so serious, fitness enthusiast MUST HAVE! I should also mention that the different sizes that you offer, they truly are all you need for a complete gym!"

Officer Michael Yatsko
Physical Fitness Coordinator
City of Phoenix Police Department

Unfortunately, we can not absorb all these costs and as of September 1st the prices will rise. Don't worry though as our quality will be as high as ever so don't miss out on the Summer Sale to get the hottest piece of training equipment!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Romanian Sandbag is Here!

Are you dying to know what secret training method I was able to scrounge up from secret Romanian strength training books? Do you want to know how I have now been able to develop a sandbag based upon the underground strength training methods of ancient athletes?

The truth is NONE! I know, right now disappointment is racing through your body, DON'T! There is a terrible misconception that anything foreign is better than what we currently have available. Sure, we can always learn and borrow from others, but this idea that training is far more mysterious than it is, is simply a lie.

This really dawned on me as I was doing research for a group that wanted to hear about the history of sandbag training. As I dug, dug, and dug for a definitive starting point of the beginning of sandbag training I kept coming up empty. Until I found some paperwork that seem to find the beginnings of sandbag training to date back to ancient Egypt. So, maybe it isn't Romanian, it is Egyptian Sandbags!

Seriously though, I wanted to discuss that most training isn't from a singular source and maybe sandbags can be the most representative of this fact. Why don't sandbags have a glaring single place that they were popularized? Probably because it was so obvious to so many different cultures that sandbag training was such a versatile and effective training tool. You can find variations of sandbag training in about every culture of athletic development.

Before "functional training" was a big buzz term, athletes and warriors were using sandbags because they could accomplish so much. This is where I face a crossroads of sorts.

I have always been very careful about what I said in my blogs, articles, videos, and newsletters. I never wanted to be that sales pitch guy that made something seem to so much more than is really is. However, that was before I worked so hard to create a tool that would ruin that thought for me.

Initially when I wrote about sandbag training I was in the same boat as everyone else, using homemade simply made sandbags. I was right, at that time sandbags were a good training tool, but they quite wouldn't have the versatility that a staple training tool would have. The evolution of what I know call "The Ultimate Sandbag" does make the sandbag training not just a cool training technique, but an absolutely necessary one!

Want to know why these sandbags are so special and why they won't be sandbags for much longer? Stay tuned for next post!!